If you’ve got a project that could use a writer’s hand, I’d love to help.  I can help you at many different phases of your projects–great and small.  Drop me a line and let’s connect.

Here’s a guide for understanding what kind of services you might need:

Developmental Editing

You’ve got an idea for a book, but you can’t quite figure out where to focus.  I can help you develop an abstract, outline your project, and generate a game plan for pushing it to completion.

Content Editing

You have written a piece that needs a significant overhaul. The overall ideas are in place, but you need an editor to provide extensive rewrites.

Copy Editing

Most of your text is in place, but you need a skilled hand to smooth it over. The rewrites are not extensive, but the stylistic revisions make a substantial difference in the project’s effectiveness.


Your text is very nearly complete, but you want to make sure that it is error-free.

Research and Writing

You need a writer to research and write original content. Though more extensive than editing, I’d be happy to take an idea you have in development and walk it through the entire writing process.

Let me know how I can help at crystal@wordgirlsummers.com